Nearly every person has heard of eat-and-run verification. This service is useful for verifying the legitimacy of a website, and to do this, it asks people the amount of money they want to spend on food and whether or not they want to stay home or eat out, among many other things. Eat-and-run also allows a person to choose a reliable restaurant from many authentic and clean websites. If a person visits an eat-and-run casino, he will be required to provide his credit card information. Several casinos accept debit cards and credit cards, but still, some don’t.

The eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증websites need people to spend their money on food, and in a few instances, they would be asked whether or not they opt to take out or eat in. In these cases, people are required to take their pick between a restaurant and home-cooked meal.

Steps to verify the legitimacy of a website

In this age of the digital revolution, every person must identify a real website. This aspect is not only helpful but important to protect himself online. When you know the method of spotting fraudulent websites, you will be able to shield your work and personal identity, logins for social media and email, and financial information. You need to be mindful of several factors to identify a fake website.

Check the spelling of the URL

If you notice misspelt URL, you can assume that the site is fake. Most often, fraudsters make changes to the URL, such as they write instead of

See if there is a lock or not

The padlock present on a site is meant the site has been secured by SSL or TLS certificate because it encrypts user data. Additionally, people must also observe the lock that is present in the address bar. Commonly, there are three kinds of TLS certificate, and all of them displays a lock. When the website does not have a lock, most browsers display a warning of “not secure”. Earlier, seeing the lock was sufficient, but as instances of online fraud have increased, it has become necessary to see deeper to verify the legitimacy of a website.

See if there are site seals

The site seal shows that the website is authentic. People can click on the site seal to get more information regarding the site and the method by which it was verified. A seal that does nothing when people click on it must not be trusted because it might show that it is an illegitimate copy of the seal.

Additional methods to verify a site

Besides checking the site seal, running the URL via a website checker, or looking for a lock, you must hunt for other indicators:

  • A return policy.
  • A private policy.
  • Contact info for a business, such as address and phone number.
  • Online reviews.
  • Correct grammar and spelling.

It would be a wise decision to avert deals that look too good as they hardly turn out to be good. This is why the use of eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증 ) websites becomes imperative.