When looking at the history, you will understand that, บาคาร่า is an old game. It is seen that the story which is behind the game is quite interesting and dates back to hundreds of years. It is a game which was formulated way back in 1490AD.

 You will be shocked to know that baccarat means zero and it comes from the Italian language. The game came as a result of two stories which are quite entertaining. As per the content of the first story, there is an Italian gambler that was the main character. According to the second story, the game came about as a result of mythology.

The story that is based on mythology, there is a ritual in Etruscan which has nine gods that wanted fate of a vestal that was ash-blonde to be revealed. They waited anxiously for the disclosure to be availed. The gods were rolling a dice that was nine sided in set the fate. The fate was pegged on the number which the dice was able to land on.

The blonde virgin will have one of the three fates set for them. If it landed on number 8 or 9, then she automatically became a priestess. If it landed on numbers 6 or 7, then it meant the virgin became an outcast and thus, stopped from participating in any activities going forward. The numbers which were less than 6 meant bad luck as it would denote the blonde virgin had to go to the sea and perish there.

There seems to be some sort of confusion regarding the game’s origin. From one part of history, it was created in France, while for the other part, it was created in Italy. There are those that believe that baccarat was based on Felix Falguirerein, an Italian gambler. In the year 1490AD, he utilized a tarot cards deck. There are many people who have used the tarot cards in predicting the fate of someone from a long time ago.

In the past years, it was only the noblemen and baronial that was allowed to play the game in privacy. At that time, baccarat was banned. Meanwhile, France legalized it and they approved the law where they started getting taxes from the game. The money was then spent in the poor parts of the country for development purposes. Later, the napoleon banned it during his reign but it was legalized again after the end of his reign.