There are many poker games that people can play in online casinos. One such casino is slot online where people can play different variants of poker. One such variant is Texas Hold’em which a very popular game. The game can be played by newcomers as well as experienced players. The rules of the game are very easy and people can learn it easily. In this article, we will learn about the ways of playing the game and other rules.


The first thing that the players have to do is placing the blinds. Two types of blinds have to be placed in this game and these include small blind and big blind. The small blind is placed by the player who is sitting on the left-hand side of the dealer. The next player to the left of the small blind places the big blind. The big blind is the minimum amount on which bets have to be placed and people can call or raise the bet.

Dealing with the cards

The dealer has to deal with the cards after shuffling. He has to place the cards in front of the player sitting to the right to cut. If the player declines, then any player can cut the cards. The dealer deals two face-down cards to each player and then betting rounds start.

Betting rounds

There are four betting rounds and after that showdown is conducted. These betting rounds are discussed here.


After the dealing of two face-down cards, players need to take action. They can call or raise the bet or fold it to leave the game. The player who has placed the big blind has to start taking actions and then the process goes in a clockwise direction.

Second round

In this round, each player gets three community cards and all of them are face up. The betting starts from the player sitting to the left of the dealer.

Third round

In this round, each player gets one community card and betting round goes the same way as the second round of betting.

Fourth round

The process of this round is the same as the third round.


Showdown is not required if only one player is left at the end of the game. If more than one player is there, the showdown is started by the player who was last to call or raise the bet in the last round. If no such player is there, the showdown starts from the player sitting to the left of the dealer.

Other rules of the game

Let us know about some other rules of the game.

  • If the dealer exposes first or second the hole cards by mistake, it is known as misdeal. He has to collect all the cards for reshuffling and then deal again. In case, any other hole card is exposed, there is no need for reshuffling.
  • If there are more cards in the flop round, the dealer needs to deal the cards again.

Wrapping Up

These are the rules, which people need to follow while playing Texas Hold’em. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master.