There are people who argue over which one is better – online casino or land-based casino? Well, both have their perks. However, online player’s club and land-based clubs differ in some aspect although at times they have some similarities. The main objective of these loyalty programs is to retain players by giving rewards.

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The dissimilarities between the online and land-based player’s club is summed up below –

Signing Up for the Player’s Club

In a Land-based casino you can get rewards after you sign up for the player’s club. Otherwise you would only get free drinks. To get the complete benefit of the loyalty program you would have to get your player’s club member card. On the other hand, in online casinos software programs track your comps automatically.

Dealing with Pit Boss

In Land-based casino, pit boss should rate the players and track their play. Players can trick the pit boss, but you have no chance of doing so online.

Physical Comps Vs Bonuses

Land-based casino can give you physical chomps while online casinos give out deposit or non-deposit bonuses.

Transparency with Comp Rates

You would find that online casinos give every detail of bonus and its terms and conditions. You would hardly find this level transparency in other casinos.


  • You get reward points and cash back.
  • They both have VIP programs and classifications.
  • You can win more rewards in Slots than table games.