The Bitcoin gambling industry has faced a hard time with several consumers wary of digital currencies and several regulators turning their backs on this industry. Despite the adversities, the industry persisted and thrived.

Presently, it has a huge base of customers who regularly transact using Bitcoins. In the past few years, there is a surge in demand for Bitcoin casinos. One of the major reasons behind it is the bonuses that these casinos offer. Read on to know more about Bitcoin casino bonuses in detail.

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About Bitcoin Bonuses

Bitcoin bonuses are a great way to attract players away from the usual haunts. Bigger and better bonuses entice people and make them more willing to place wagers. The online casino industry is designed to be highly competitive.

It operates on a distinctive structure. Casino operators work with firms that give them a platform, licenses, and games. They create a brand story and unique theme, and offer a variety of bonuses.

Bonuses are one of the great marketing tactics to promote casinos. Casinos use them for convincing people to join their website in place of their competitor’s website. Such bonuses cost them a little in the longer run. They are a cheap as well as an effective method to market a gambling business.

A casino does not owe you anything. They also do not give you anything, even when they promised to do so. All casinos have to abide by the Terms and Conditions. When they include terms that seem to be unfair, they may use this technique to “rob” you of the bonus.

For example, they may insist that the bonus amount will get cleared in a few days. It is required to get it activated by speaking with the customer support professional.

How are bonuses designed?

Every casino has its way to design a bonus. These bonuses are well structured to make sure that the losses incurred by the casino are kept to a minimum amount. The casinos perform their research. They are well aware of the things that could fall in their favor. This strategy leaves them with a greater sum in the long run.

Long-Term Use

For every casino, a new player is a highly valuable asset. To retain the player, casinos use bonuses as a great tool to tempt people to use them for placing more wagers frequently. When you begin playing at an online casino and get the necessary skill, the chances that you will make the next deposit and keep playing are relatively high.

Wagering Needs

It is important to understand the wagering requirements to provide the average player with adequate opportunities while giving the online casino an edge over the coming period. The average price to place a wager is in the multiples of 30 or 50.

The reason why the wagering requirements are high is that a casino is aware of the fact that the more you place a wager, the more will be the chances for a favorable outcome for them.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Bitcoin casino bonuses are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Here are some of the categories in which the bonuses are available:

Welcome Bonuses

A lot of websites provide this type of bonus to lure people into a casino. A Welcome Bonus that includes a Cashback, Free Spins, and Matched Deposit Bonus is called a Welcome Package Bonus.

Free Spins:

A free spin provides you a fixed set of spins on your specific slot machine. This type of bonus technique helps in the promotion of developers and slots. They are also added to other types of bonuses.

Matched Deposit Bonuses

This bonus “matches” the deposit with an extra amount of money. Usually, the match range ranges from anything between the lowest being 25% and the highest being 200%. This bonus is used in the form of a Reload Bonus as well as a Welcome Bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses:

A bundle of bonus credits or free spins that do not need a deposit. You will be asked for a specific type of verifying ID, but a majority of casinos provide such a bonus based on name, email, and home address.

Loyalty Schemes:

A majority of Bitcoin casinos offer Loyalty Schemes. It is also called Loyalty Clubs, and VIP Schemes. This type of bonus motivates regular play by offering Loyalty Points to players each time they spin the reels, take a chance on the game, or play a game of cards.

Such points are later converted into cash back, prizes, higher status, and several more prestigious rewards.

Cashback Bonuses:

This is another type of bonus that an online casino gives to its players. Such bonuses are popular not just with brick-and-mortar casinos, but also with the cryptocurrency gambling sector. These types of bonuses provide fixed cashback on all of the losses. Such bonuses are rarely applicable to all wagers.

Important tips to Use Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Before you become a part of a new casino and accumulate a Bitcoin bonus, it is required that you keep the below things in mind:

  • Focus not on Quantity, but Quantity
  • Check the Requirement specified for Wagering
  • Do not forget about Game Limits and Cashout Limits
  • Choose the Right Games. Play steadily, aim at each spin, and you will achieve your goal eventually.


Compared to fiat currency, bitcoin-based casinos provide bigger and better bonuses to players. This makes it very appealing to them. Several Bitcoin casino bonuses are designed more like an online poker bonus, wherein players are offered a fixed sum based on their deposit.

To make handsome money over some time, you need to deposit big, place frequent wagers, use bonus amount for betting and you will obtain extra credits to use.