The term addiction is derived from a Latin word meaning bound to or enslaved to. Any individual who has or suffering from addiction or tried to assist an addicted person knows the clutch it fastens on the person. It is daunting to quit the addiction, and it ruins one`s personal, professional and emotional life. Addiction to any substance such as alcohol, drugs or behavioral like gambling is devastating. Gambling addiction is a progressive one and easy to develop as the player has 24*7 access to the gambling website. For this reason, online gambling is potentially more addictive and harder to recuperate than traditional gambling.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

As there are lax or absence of checks for minors to access gambling sites, it has created a new generation of problem gamblers; adolescents and young adults, particularly males. The unrestricted access allows anyone to download mega888 for playing casino games. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a person develops at least four characteristics, which can be termed as problem gambler or pathological gambler.

The person mulls about gambling all the time, relishing past victories, planning for the next session of betting or devising a way to acquire the necessary fund to gamble. He always wants to have sufficient money to pursue gambling. The urge to gamble is irrevocable and strong; all attempts to quit gambling fall apart. The player becomes restless and sometimes violent when he tries to quit or reduce gambling. Gambling becomes a vehicle to run away from worries or to elevate the person`s mood. Even after long sequences of loss, the person gambles to revive the lost fortune; this phenomenon is referred to as chasing losses.

Akin to alcohol or drug addict a problem gambler are prone to grave social, professional, financial and emotional problems. Sometimes they can land into legal and physical issues. Range of mental problems like panic, personality disorder manifests in a problem gambler coupled with ill health, alcohol, drug, tobacco dependence, and in extreme cases, suicide can occur.

Ten times more likely to be addicted gamblers.

Gamblers are not the persons suffer; their family members often grow stress-related mental and physical illness. The situation deteriorates as there are a loss of trust, financial adversity, and breakdown of family bonding. Offspring of problem gamblers are ten times more likely to be addicted gamblers than children of parents who never or gamble for entertainment.

Addiction is a chronic disease, but with patience, treatment and willpower, one can recover from this malice. Denying the problem only aggravates it; the first step in recovery is admitting the issue and receptive to rehabilitation. Players develop compulsive gambling for various reasons, so each individual requires a tailor-made recovery program. A suitable rehabilitation program for online problem gamblers is yet to be found. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), counseling can significantly address this problem. A setback is common in any recovery treatment, but the circumstance of the online problem is compounded by the pervasive use of mobile, computers and the internet. Download mega888 for entertainment; it is just a pastime.