In China, gambling is prohibited except in Macau, but the passion for the wagering of Chinese people is well known. Many offshore gambling websites are emerging in Southeast Asia to cater to the demand of Chinese gamblers. Countries like Cambodia are becoming online casino hub, port city Sihanoukville is such a classic example. The nod from Beijing for the development of overseas gambling sites is another propelling factor for the betting industry. A joint venture of China and Cambodia, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), encourage private investment in various sectors, including gambling.

With economic progress, Cambodia is experiencing other issues.

Many Chinese gamblers also flock to gambling websites like Daftar situs Judi slot online terpercaya 2020. With economic progress, Cambodia is experiencing other issues like money laundering, extortion, kidnapping and murder amid of influx of immigrant gamblers. Around casinos, massage parlors with child laborers is another social concern. The country is going through social, public chaos as more gambling-related conflicts are coming up. There is a clash of local and Chinese interests in the gambling sector.

Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGOs

 Another hotspot of Chinese gambling expansion is the Philippines. About 138,000 Chinese nationals with work permits in the Philippines facilitate gambling operations in April 2019. These venues are known as Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGOs). In this country, with economic development, crime rates like kidnapping, murder increased significantly, and the core reason is gambling conflict. According to the Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group (PNP AKG), there are about two to three abduction cases daily in the city of Manila. The Chinese offshore gaming industry increased government revenue substantially and created job opportunities for the locals. But with hand in hand, there are some law and order issues.

Cambodian government took a different approach to readdress the law and order situation arising from gambling conflicts. The step is to discontinue granting new licenses to new offshore gambling operations and renew a current online gambling website license. Under this scenario, foreign investment is likely to see a sharp decline, hoping for better social order and security.

Restricted operation rather than a total curb

From a social-economic viewpoint, a restricted operation rather than a total curb on gambling is a better option. A well-designed vetting system where child labor and illicit activities would be curtailed is much deserved. This will propel economic growth and maintain social harmony and order. In addition, a stringent law banning massage parlors and restricting juvenile and minor players will strengthen the corporate and social responsibilities of casino operators.

Most Southeast Asian countries prohibit gambling for various reasons; most are religious. Malaysia is famous for the picturesque pristine beaches and rainforests but disallows land-based casinos. So the only available alternative is online casinos like game slot online TerbaikMost players are flocking around online casinos to fulfill their gaming urge and to have some cash occasionally. In many countries where gambling is illegal, people visit online casinos as it is daunting to track online gamers as they do not provide accurate information. So citizens can have a grand time playing a hand of poker or blackjack, skipping the restrictions.