Historically, most activities related to betting or gambling were not widely accepted in Korea as they had been prohibited by local laws and government; however, gambling is slowly becoming a more common and popular recreational activity as some of the harsh laws that were put in place in the 1990’s are now much more lenient on these same activities during the 2000’s. As per the law, Koreans are not allowed to gamble unless it is at a state approved and owned casino, on the other hand foreigners are allowed to do so in these same casinos that locals are not allowed to do at. This became clear as the government recorded high levels of gambling addiction among its citizens and decided to take action. These same restrictions also apply to online Casinos, where there are numerous repercussions for those who organize gambling but not for those who enjoy the service encouraging more and more people to play online as they do not have the fear of facing charges or fines from gambling

Why online gambling?

Because of these harsh gambling laws in Korea, the emergence of the dot com era and the increased use of internet a loophole existed to set up online casinos and gambling sites. Since these servers are offshore then they are not under the jurisdiction of the Korean government hence not illegal to and use. KOREA CASINO ONLINE provides privacy and convenience at the press of a button. A variety of payment and withdrawal options are available to the customers from bank transfers to crypto currencies which is decentralized and keeps the payers information anonymous hence can’t be traced on most of these sites. In addition to this, the easily available VPN has added to the security of the users through hiding their IP addresses and hence can’t be traced.  Due to the quality of data and money security on these sites, more and more people not only in Korea but globally are getting into it.

Majority of these online Casinos will give you an option to use virtual money for practice, making you get accustomed to the site and the games before sing your actual cash. This is also a great way of making sure that you build confidence and learn the rules before playing the numerous number of ‘real games’ offered by the different Casinos the most common and popular ones being slots, table games and Video poker.

What next for online casinos in Korea?

Online games and casinos are gaining in popularity and with the current trend likely to suggest that they will be more popular than the games and casinos that do not offer a chance to play online. . In fact the Korean government is becoming lenient with gambling, relaxing some of the harsh laws through making it legal to bet on various sports in the country and even organized a poker tournament sponsored by the online gambling operator, Poker Stars.